Copper paint with REAL copper flakes

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Pail with copper paint Copper paint is Roofdx copper from Andek Corp., packaged for the individual consumer and distributed by an experienced contractor.

Copper liquid paint consists of a flexible, weatherproofing outdoor coating.....with real copper alloy flakes mixed into the formula.

For you, this products offers an attractive copper finish that can be applied over numerous types of surfaces. Since the copper alloy flakes are present, the copper liquid ages to bronze then eventually to patina green.

ONE GALLON COPPER LIQUID PAINT - 50 sq. ft.(2 coats) - $180.00. Shipping included.

For more copper paint sizes and clearcoat selections, visit the order page.

Public sculpture safe from theft

Sculpture in park

"I used the copper paint on a large public piece of art that showed in the Grand Rapids Art Prize event...Dabbing the brush on the final top coat made the steel look exactly like real copper sheet. Also how it tarnished slightly in the next few weeks made it amazing!"

The artist, Iron John, used this product on his artistic project.

Copper painted gutters and downspouts

copper painted gutters

Almost any gutter, no matter how cheap from Home Depot or Lowes, can be painted by a DIY with this product. Any concerns about theft disappear.

You have a choice of watching the gutters and downspouts age in color...or block the aging with clearcoat to maintain an new sheen.

Original decor for outdoors

Big bug in the garden

Gardens and lawns are a logical place to paint some dull piece of junk, such as bird baths, pails, fencing detail or a big, metal bug.

This copper paint is more than ametallic spray; the coating is a high quality finish.

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