Copper paint

Ship coated in copper paint

Copper paint for home and garden decor offers the creative individual a less expensive choice than copper sheets. In addition to home and garden decor projects, worry about copper theft disappears.

Copper paint is Roofdx copper from Andek Corp., packaged for the home consumer and distributed by an experienced contractor. See below for a free cured sample

Pail of copper paintCopper liquid paint consists of a flexible, weatherproofing material called roof coating.....with copper alloy flakes mixed into the formula.  For you, this products offers an attractive copper finish that can be applied over numerous types of surfaces. Since the copper alloy flakes are present, the copper liquid ages to bronze then eventually to patina green.

Dormers and gutters

The use of this product is limited only by imagination. Garden deco items, such as store-bought bird baths, watering cans, boating and marine accessories, wall decor, kitchen features, bathroom items  and antique artwork take on new life with a coating of copper paint. Other possibilities include coating a mailbox, or an outside lighting fixture, or a graffiti-covered sculpture. One business from Hawaii decided to paint their outside wooden poles in front of the company door; a user from the Dakotas created a revitalized windmill.  And then there was a lady with an alligator statue.

Home DecorStove cover

Copper home decor is a popular use.  A customer sprayed a temporary plywood stove hood was coated with this copper paint to buy time before completing a project with real copper sheets--that was two years ago. If you have a tin shingle ceiling, old copper flashing or inside pipes, this coating is an eye-catching color, particularly with a clearcoating that will ensure the original luster.

Lead-free coated copper paint

For the traditionalist who is seeking the grey finish that mimics the early 1900s lead coated copper metal, check out a relatively new product called lead-FREE coated copper.

Gold paint sampleCopper paint cured sample

For those who want to touch, smell and taste before buying, just Email your name and address for cured sample of the finished copper liquid paint. One side of the sample illustrates the coating straight from the pail; the other side shows an application of clearcoat over the copper paint. My email address:

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written by Miriam Cunningham