Accent your garden with the copper paint touch

Garden trellis

Garden bugThe copper paint formula works outside, a real advantage to an owner of a garden. As a result, gardens and lawns are a logical place to paint some dull piece of junk, bird-related items like a bird bath....or just some silly piece of artwork.

BirdbathThe bird bath bowl shown here is four years after the application of two coats of copper liquid paint. Water ages the copper flakes more quickly than the influence of an arid climate.

Rain chain in iceOld house owners are aware that attached gutters are a recent concept, only 70 or 80 years old. At times, there is a search for something other than a Lowes or Home Depot gutter and downspout combination. Especially downspouts can detract from the vintage lines of a home.

One alternative may be rain chains, instead of downspouts. In addition to the rain chains themselves, the receptacle that collects the water can be artistically compatible with the time period of the residence.

Enter copper liquid paint. Instead of purchasing the expensive rain chain, just buy a cheaper version, and paint them with you-know-what.

The ice is not included in the copper liquid paint shipment. Instead, Mother Nature delivers her winter presents direct to your installed rain chains.

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