Lead coated copper without lead: What is it?

Lead coated copper without the leadLead-free coated copper paint is Roofdx SL from Andek Corp., packaged for the individual consumer and distributed by an experienced contractor.  It is strongly recommended any new user discuss the application technique with Miriam or a representative from the manufacturer, Andek Corp, at 800-800-2844.

The two part mixed coating may be applied over numerous substrates, converting your work area to a finish comparable to traditional lead coated copper.

Lead-coated copper: A little history

In the early 1900s, roofing manufacturers were seeking a less expensive metal that was compatible with the marble, white-painted wood and other masonry sidings. Copper sheets provided the basic strength of the metal. Then workers at manufacturers dipped these sheets of copper into hot lead

The result of this combination of copper sheets and hot lead offered a stronger, a lighter, a less expensive and a less staining roofing material. In addition, the combo allowed finer decorative detail opportunities and more resistance to acidic seaside conditions.

Lead-FREE coated copper paint

Closeup of lead coated copper finishTechnically, the finish is a silicon-modified, aliphatic polyurethane blend that produces a barrier coating against weathering, corrosion and dirt retention.

Here are some reasons for interest in this gray spangled metal colored finish:
no lead, but has the appearance......
waterproof and durable......
ages without discoloration.....
resistant to staining......to name a few.

A popular size now available

Imaginative individuals have requested small size packaging for accent projects around their gardens and residences. The two part mixture covers 100 sq. ft. Order below or call 610-941-1051.

ONE QUART LEAD-FREE COPPER LIQUID PAINT - 100 sq. ft.(2 coats) - $125.00

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Gold paint sampleCopper paint cured sample

For those who like to touch, smell and taste before buying, just email your name and address for a cured sample of the lead-free coated copper application. The sample illustrates the grey finished of the product. To emphasize the connection to copper, the lead-free coated copper is applied over copper liquid paint swatch. Just click to the Contact page to send an email requesting the sample.

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