Copper liquid paint webpages

Copper paint for home and garden d├ęcor: less expensive than gold sheets

Copper roofs: Dormers, bays and other roofing areas coated with copper paint

Copper paint examples--artwork, garden accents, home decor

Copper gutters: highlight your roof edge with copper paint

Copper flakes in outdoor artwork

Copper paint used on outdoor artwork: ships, bikes and a trellis

Avoid copper theft by substituting copper paint for vulnerable gutters and, artwork

Copper paint: Accent your garden with items coated to a coppery finish

Copper paint in the home: Adds luster to walls, shelves, and furniture

Clearcoat: Protects the sheen of copper coating from the aging process

Lead-free coated copper: an early 1900s metal finish

Copper paint order page using credit cards

Copper paint order page using PayPal

Sculpture using copper paint finish in Michigan outdoor event

Contact page for copper paint

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