About Liquid Copper Paint

Copper liquid paint is an extremely tough, metallic, rubber-like, waterproofing coating that, being made with copper flakes, has a very attractive copper finish that will actually patina. This remarkable “liquid copper” coating can be used over common substrates and will give the appearance of copper sheet roofing at a fraction of the cost. Just like a copper sheet, copper liquid paint will develop a classic green patina, or may be sealed with a clearcoat to maintain its new appearance.

Outstanding Features:

  • Liquid copper paint made with real copper flakes.
  • Produces a fully adhered, seamless, high density, waterproofing membrane.
  • Protects substrate against rust, corrosion, UV damage, acid rain and fungal attack.
  • Easy to apply straight out of the container by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • May be used on vertical, slanted, and horizontal surfaces, and withstands ponding water.
  • Remains flexible, tough and weatherproof at low temperatures and will not flow at high temperatures.
  • Ten year material warranty.

Various Uses:

Can be used over most metals, copper, rubber, concrete, masonry, slate/tile, wood, and others.