Copper Liquid Paint

Product showing the streaks of copper flakes in the urethane mediumCopper liquid paint contains 19% true copper flakes, packaged for the individual consumer  This product offers an attractive copper finish that covers numerous surface types.

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This ship is large street art paint with this copper product.  It's application protects the artwork from theft while sitting exposed in the streets.Public sculpture safe from theft during a street fair

“I used the copper paint on a large public piece of art that showed in the Grand Rapids Art Prize event…Dabbing the brush on the final top coat made the steel look exactly like real copper sheet. Also how it tarnished slightly in the next few weeks made it amazing!”  Artist Iron John


Gutters and downspouts are a popular use due to theft of copper sheetsCopper painted gutters and downspouts

Almost any gutter, no matter if sourced from Home Depot or Lowes, can be painted by a DIYer with this product. Any concerns about theft disappear.

Due to the real copper flakes, the gutters and downspouts age in color.   An application of clearcoat can block the aging resulting in preserving the initial sheen.

Garden decor of a bug coated with copper coating to accent the top of the wall

Original decor for outdoors

Gardens and lawns are a logical places to paint pieces of junk, such as bird baths, pails, fencing details or a big, metal bug.

This paint is more than a metallic spray; the coating is a high quality finish.

An experienced contractor is easily available for questions about this genuine copper flake product.  She has used it for years on her old metal roof restoration projects.