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Outdoor gold paint

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Gold paint originally surfaced as an alternative to the expensive gold sheets found on domes, steeples and other roof ornamentation.

For whatever reasons, artists who are restoring eagles, either as a national symbol or a weather vane, have discovered the advantages of using gold liquid paint instead of gold leaf sheets.

Andek Corp technicians combined bronze alloy flakes with a strong roof coating, changing the coating finish  to a gold-leaf appearance. To protect the bronze alloy flakes, clearcoat was then developed to prevent the aging of the flakes.

At the top left of this page, A weather vane illustrates the luster of the application.  Tom at xxx applied two coats, waiting 48 hours between coatings to assure proper curing.  Then applied two coats of clearcoat.

Gold painted eagle

In the plaza of Milford, CT, our national eagle keeps watch over its town. For a closer view of the eagle feathers, check this blog entry.

The applicator used a boom to apply the coating.  In this case the cost of this approach was a major bonus.

In my contracting work on vintage metal roofs, this gold paint product adds a distinctive luster to a project. From river boats to frames for artwork to garden decor, customers have introduced me to other applications for this gold paint.


Historic gold weather vane–sans eagle

In Baltimore, the Clifton Mansion is designated as the mansion of Johns Hopkins.  There is a tower with a weather vane.  Major renovations have happened, making the historic structure a gem in any tour of downtown Baltimore.

We worked on restoring the tower metal roof, which included this weather vane.

Wood eagle with outdoor gold paint

On the home page is an expanded after photo of this old eagle found on the lawn of a neighbor’s house.