Signs and Marquees

Gold paint transforms old sign

This gold-leaf liquid paint sign was the work of 12 hours of labor. A senior citizen in South Carolina carefully applied the oil version of the gold paint next to water-based acrylic.

First, he repaired two areas of wood rot. Then, he hand-sanded the dark green background carefully. Finally, he hand-painted the green with One-Shot sign painters’ enamel. In his final step using gold paint, he sanded the white edge and back of the sign. Over these two areas, he painted that area with One-shot white paint.

Note the detail in the lettering he accomplished with his brushes of different sizes. After the gold-leaf paint was cured, he protected the bronze-alloy coating with a clearcoat to block the aging process.

Note: Sign done by an artist celebrating his 57th wedding anniversary in 2017.


Project for Grace Lutheran Church may look simple. Well-crafted artwork often appears simple. In this instance, the scout troop painted a beautiful sign with gold leaf liquid paint. See this blog entry for more details in the use of gold paint on a sign.

For river travelers in Bridgewaters, NY, the Lauren Kristey boasts the use of gold-leaf liquid paint.  As you can see, the riverboat is artistically attractive. The coating accents the design of the paddle-wheeler.

See a gold-leaf liquid paint and sewer pipes combo in this blog entry. Looks good.