Religious Projects

Religious Projects

From time to time, dedicated church members undertake a project such as resurfacing the dome of their church with gold leaf paint. It usually proves to be a daunting undertaking….to the point an experienced contractor can identify where work began and where the work became too much.

Still, if DIY work is to be done on such a gold leaf project, which will save money for any religious organization in contrast to gold leaf sheets, it is strongly urged that you be in touch with us for suggestions.

My credentials for offering advice is that my crew and I have already made lots of mistakes and hopefully have learned from them.

The Scout Troop gamely combined water-based paints with the gold leaf paint (a solvent based solution with bronze alloy flakes). The result is worthy of a badge for the troop’s sash.

The lettering in this sign is one of many examples described by customers where the gold leaf paint was used instead of gold sheets. Clock numbers also have received the gold paint treatment.

To overcome an application detail on this lovely outdoor decor, the customer sent us this closeup photo, wondering what was going on…and how to fix it. At first glance, it appears the gold leaf paint had “roughed up”. The fix: wipe the ends of his rollers.

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