Copper paint for gutters: a way to thwart thieves

Copper paint finishes your gutters with a coppery look–a pretty result. Also, thieves pass over any thought of stealing–an additional plus.

Almost any gutter, no matter how cheap from Home Depot or Lowes, can be coated with copper paint. Just wipe any loose dust or debris from the surface; stir copper paint in the pail and apply by brush.

Hint: If possible, apply coating to gutters before installation. The formula for copper paint was designed to “go down” on a roof, therefore the additives that prevent dripping and sagging, such as found in ceiling paint, are absent. As for the inside of the gutter, most users do not bother since the gutter’s insides are hidden from view.

How to calculate the copper paint quantity needed: If you use one foot wide times the length of the gutters is an educated total. For example, for 50 ft. of gutter length, a gallon would cover the gutter twice over–a ten year application.

Downspouts are usually included in this type of project.