Clearcoat Over Gold Paint

Clearcoat over gold paint preserves the sheen

Preserve the luster of gold-leaf liquid paint by applying clearcoat to the paint. Most users of gold-leaf liquid paint prefer to see the product’s original sheen preserved. For those who do want to halt any aging of the bronze alloy flakes, read these clearcoat tips carefully.

Tip #1: Test the gold-leaf liquid paint to insure the coating is entirely cured. Press and twist thumb against coating. Any sign of your thumb’s imprint…allow coating additional drying. Reason for waiting: Clearcoat will “suck up” any drying paint, causing a cloudy look.

Tip #2: Apply clearcoat as you would nail polish to your nails (or, if you are a guy, a morning shave)–once quickly. Avoid working the brush into the coating. If you see any gold-leaf paint on the brush, STOP. Refer to Tip #1 above.

Tip #3: Apply second clearcoat application as above in order to cover the spots missed by the first coat of gold paint. If you leave any exposed paint, that area will age… most cases, blocking the aging is why you are applying clearcoat.

Tip #4: If you do not like what you have done, just re-coat with the gold-leaf liquid paint.

Tip #5: Feedback from customers suggest the use of clearcoat indoors is not nearly as important for preserving the sheen since the moisture level is well controlled