Copper paint artwork: ships, bikes and a trellis

Sculpturer Iron John Logan sent photos and comments on his metal technique using copper liquid paint.

Michigan copper ship“Hello and good morning. Thank you for all your help. I love your product.

I used the copper paint on a large public piece of art that showed in the Grand Rapids Art Prize event. The piece titled Michigan: an Immigrants Dream represents the materials that historically brought the immigrants to Michigan – Iron, Copper, Pine, the Great Lakes, and the people themselves.

Copper sailsI used the copper paint over hammered steel instead of real copper for a number of reasons; to keep the cost down, to make the piece lighter, and namely to safe guard against theft. The product did all that and more!

I used the paint full strength, brushing on a very thin coat over the lightly rusted steel. I then went back and gave it a number of top coats diluted 50/50 with paint thinner. Dabbing the brush on the final top coat made the steel look exactly like real copper sheet. Also how it tarnished slightly in the next few weeks made it amazing!

Thanks again, John

Copper bikeArtwork with copper liquid paint takes many abstract and fine forms. Sculpture pieces is just one possibility. Where theft is a real possibility because of the price of copper, the copper paint finish may offer a true alternative.

A photo of a creative piece of artwork that converted a Trellis with copper paintjunky bike to something special was sent several years ago. I have no idea why the artist did this piece. One does have to admit the copper bike is unique.

Surrounded by green leaves, this trellis, coated with copper paint, adds to the elegant decor of any outdoor area. Simply apply directly over the wood with a brush, let dry, then recoat again. With this easy-to-apply product, a trellis takes on a classier look compared to traditional white paint.

Gold paint sampleCopper paint cured sample

For those who like to touch, smell and taste before buying, just email your name and address for a cured sample of the finished copper liquid paint. One side of the sample illustrates the coating straight from the pail; the other side shows an application of clearcoat over the copper paint. To send an email, just click to the Contact page.