Customers’ Decor

Gold Liquid Paint Decor ideas

Gold leaf ideas: Church domes, eagles and booties for a superhero are just a few of the creative applications customers have shared in their use of this alternative to gold sheets. For example……

Joe Labretto from Wolfeboro Falls, NH sent photos, before and after (The after shot can be seen atop all of our pages in the Header area): “Enclosed are the pictures of the eagle I restored using your gold paint and sealer.

“It was carved in 1932 in Portland, ME, and I found it laying against a tree in a guy’s front yard here in New Hampshire. He sold it to me. It was in pretty rough shape when I got it and took a lot of time to get it back in the shape you see it now……

“Your gold paint and sealer really brought the eagle back to life and made it look super!!! It now hangs on the outside wall of my workshop. The eagle is 6 ft long and really stands out now.”

If you look to the right side of the gold-leaf example photo below, note Joe’s hands. Joe reattached one of the wings; the repair is almost invisible to the viewer. We are pleased to be a part of Joe’s arsenal of restoration techniques.

Note: Photos best seen on tablet or desktop screen.

In August of 2000 superheroes made their debut at the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago wearing boots coated with this flexible gold coating formula. The original paint cracked and flaked….. pitiful! …this polish saved the day.

The boots required extreme flexibility which this gold-leaf paint coating offers. So the pint-size superheroes can save the world many times over, each heroic act completed in high fashion.

A simple application of gold paint sharpens an old metal garden chair end table. Perhaps painting the trim around the front door, or heck, the whole door. Or the numbers on your home address plaque.

Other uses around the outside of a home can include pots for flowers, a trellis, a bird bath, and accent pieces on fences. Maybe a bird would like his roof coated with gold-leaf paint. Painting with product consists of stirring, and applying with a brush. If you want to maintain the original shine of the product beyond a season, clearcoat is recommended.

In the PopSugar magazine site, an article describes a “mod, plaid, golden-hued dresser against the wall.”

The author details this use of gold paint as follows: “start with a flea market dresser that uses similar curves. Then sand and prime the dresser. Finish with a coat of white paint. To get the plaid look, you’ll want to tape off the plaid pattern at the height and width you desire. Then, finish off the entire dresser with gold liquid paint.” See the full article for more details.

This weather vane stands on the 80 ft. tower of the home of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. The building was purchased by the famed philanthropist, expanding the structure around 1850 into his Victorian summer estate. We were privileged to play a small role in the restoration of one of his roofs….and provided the gold liquid coating for the weather vane.