Gold Liquid Paint

Gold liquid paint is an extremely tough, rubber-like, waterproofing coating that has a stunning golden finish with exceptional elasticity. This remarkable “liquid gold” coating can be used over common substrates and will give a golden, metallic, rich luster to the roof at a fraction of the cost of gold leaf.

Gold liquid paint may be sealed with a topcoat of clearcoat to provide an extra shiny, brilliant appearance and preserve the bright finish otherwise a natural patina will develop in time.

Outstanding Features:

  • Provides an antique golden finish.
  • Protects substrate against rust, corrosion, UV damage, acid rain and water penetration.
  • Produces a high-density, seamless elastomeric waterproof membrane for maximum durability.
  • Straight forward application procedure by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Remains flexible, tough and weatherproof at low temperatures and will not flow or deform at high temperatures.
  • Without clearcoating, the finish may be accelerated to form an attractive, bronze statuary appearance.
  • Will provide an appropriate substrate for future gold leafing.
  • May be used on vertical, pitched and horizontal surfaces and withstands ponding water.
  • Can easily be recoated at any time for repairs for lifetime extension.
  • Ten year material warranty that may be extended with re-coating.


Various Uses:

Can be used over most metals, copper, rubber, concrete, modified bitumen, asphalt BUR, masonry, slate/tile, wood, and others.