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Copper paint: Adds to your home decor

Interior project with copper paint

Custom color “copper” adds to the uniqueness of this Catskill home. The resourceful owner sent these photos. And she forwarded helpful tips in applying this hi-tech product.

Copper paint: “How to” advice

Okay. I think that’s enough photos now. Sorry to flood you with copper paint photos — but I really do love the stuff.

I think patience is the best tool to use in working with it. Two thin coats work better than one thick coat. Using a sponge roller has worked pretty well for me. And not using a brush if it’s too thick.

Thinning the paint with zylene* thinner — and cutting in with a brush first. Then two thin and patient coats with a sponge roller is basically how I’ve had great luck getting fairly smooth and even vertical copper surfaces.

Priming of course, is crucial.

The back wall of the kitchen was formica. But it’s copper now.” (Quoted in its entirety from her July 11th email. Her thinner description modified with the addition of “zylene”.)

Kitchen wall with copper paint Copper wall lit my stove light Copper trim on roof edge

The subject of wall application (vertical surfaces) arises quite frequently. The reason for the questions is that this copper liquid paint is really a “coating”. The material is thicker than paint and may sag if applied in a thick manner.

Priming is another question callers ask. Priming is not needed to contain rust. Yet applying primer to a wood surface or other surface types invariably improve the long term results of any coating application.

Thanks to the New Yorker for her advice and photos.

An accent idea with copper liquid paint. Comments from the creative user:

“…. I’ve done a lot of painting and this paint is more like frosting a cake than spreading paint. Horizontal surfaces like the mantle are much easier – as were some window frames when I put them horizontally on sawhorses. Also, the grain in the wood surface that was not evident in white paint is much more prominent with the shiny copper. That’s a mild cosmetic issue – I suspect it will be less apparent as the copper darkens. My wife wants me to paint the underneath of the mantle but I can’t see how I can do it! Overall I think it looks great! “

Copper ceiling

Other trim ideas include painting the pipes, heaters and other metal room accessories with the same copper liquid coating.

Copper ceiling project

If you are installing a tin or metal shingle ceiling, consider the option of covering the shingles with copper liquid paint. Your choice is twofold: Watch the copper finish change to bronze. Or protect the copper finish with a clearcoat, and enjoy a bright, copper-penny appearance. The shiny finish of the clearcoat emphasizes the design of ceiling.

By adding less than $150 per each 50 square feet, a metal shingle ceiling can be upgraded to copper.

Stove hood coated with copper paint

Stove hood in copperMade out of plywood, the coating has bought time for this couple to save up for “the real thing.” This photo was taken five years after the single application. Customers have told me that the change of copper slows down inside a home. Makes sense in that the atmospheric conditions are well controlled, unlike the out doors.

Finally, copper liquid paint is truly a coating–thick with weatherproofing elements. Why, (you may ask), is the product called a “paint”? Answer: Everyone calls this liquid copper mixture, a paint. So, through gritted teeth, do I.

copper tinted coating
gold-leaf tinted coating
Copper paint and gold-leaf paint are sister products: In a medium of a strong, roof coating, copper flakes or bronze-alloy flakes are added to the formula.