Outdoor Copper Art

Copper flakes outdoors

A doorway, an outside fountain and a shower: Three sets of photos from customers who applied the copper liquid paint in creative situations.

Copper flakes in doorway

Door awaiting artist to work her magic Some extra touches with the copper paint

“Well Miriam I finished my front door. I love the results. It was quite a process but I think it looks so great.

I did texture the door panels and will eventually put in a stained glass window in. I have decided not to clear coat it for about a year so it can weather a bit first.

I also took a very, very fine sandpaper and lightly rubbed the door down to make it look aged some.

Attached are pictures of before and after. I will also be purchasing another 8 oz. to do a fountain soon. Any discount on re-orders?”

Copper flakes in outdoor fountain finish

Fountain before application of copper paint Fountain with copper liquid paint

“I finished our garden fountain. Love this paint. It had a slight leak so I sealed and sanded it, then painted the bowl. We love the finished results.

Sending before and after pics. Thanks for all your help, Nancy”

Outdoor shower

Outdoor shower

“We made an outdoor shower for our newly paved backyard to rinse off before we get in the hot tub.” A rather unique use of a real copper flake formula for an outdoor finish.